• East Meets WestStyle

    As an entrée or ingredient, the golden coating of our Royal Tempura Chicken or Pork blends easily with your signature sauces and recipes to create meals with an Asian flair.

    Royal Tempura Chicken or Pork boasts only select whole muscle meat and
    a smooth tempera batter.
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  • Marinated to PerfectionLayouts

    We carefully marinate our lean beef and fully cooked it with a tasty, battered coating to give you a light and crispy bite every time. Zero trans fats, no MSG, plus lower in fat than burgers, our beef products are designed to delight.

    Enjoy their heat and eat convenience, our Steak Strips line is simple to serve with any dipping sauce you can think of.
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  • From Our Table to YoursFeatures

    We've taken the whole muscle meet of All-American chicken or pork and wrapped it in an airy Asian style tempura batter. The golden coating blends easily with your signature sauces and recipes to create meals with a bit of an Asian flair.

    Your customers will love the "made-from-scratch" taste and appearance.
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  • Appetizers That Shine!Style

    Put some Bling in your menu with our boneless, wing-sized appetizers, all made from whole muscle chicken breast meat with a variety of special seasonings your customers will love.

    Serve your favorite Blings as finger food, a main dish, chopped in a wrap, or sliced on a salad. You can't go wrong adding some Bling to your menu.
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  • Bye Bye GlutenStyle

    Delicious with or without sauce, our gluten-free whole muscle battered chicken or pork adds new options to your menu.

    Toss with a sauce or serve with a salad or vegetable, our Royal Gluten-Free chicken or port contain no gluten (found in wheat, barely, or rye) but does
    boast delicious & wholesome flavor.
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Tempura Line Chicken & Pork +

Tempura Line

Nationally Recognized

Steak Strips Our Original Steak Strips +

Steak Strips

Signature Finger Steak

Child Nutrition Blings Wings +

Blings Wings

Boneless Appetizers


Private Label

B and D Foods has an active private label program for many grocery chains. Your choice of BandD battered or velvetized beef, pork, or chicken can be combined with a sauce and other items for a signature frozen entree for the busy family. We can incorporate your logo and artwork onto custom packaging for a presentation that shouts "Quality in the Bag"!


Product Packaging

B and D Foods has the capability to package your product for retail sales through our sister company Mountain View Packaging. MVP produces in a "state-of-the-art" facility under the direction of the USDA. It has been awarded the esteemed SQF certification, so you can be sure your products are in good hands.


Research & Development

BandD takes pride in its ability to create products to meet the needs of its customers. Give us the important criteria--we can create items with varying flavor profiles in Natural, Gluten-Free, Low-Sodium, and of course our ageless standard profiles. We can vary the size & cut of our protein to meet your needs when blending. And we can work on your timeline to get your product to market on schedule.

Endless Meal Possibilities

B and D Foods was founded in 1972 to supply its Signature Finger Steak to a chain of fast food restaurants.


Since 1972 the company has grown and expanded to include several size and batter varieties of Finger Steaks, Pork Nuggets, and a variety of chicken products.

The manufacturing facility is fully inspected by the USDA.

USDA personnel work closely with B and D management, implementing the latest food safety techniques to insure that our products are ready for your table.

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