About Us

BandD Foods was established in Boise, Idaho over thirty years ago to serve the needs of a successful regional restaurant chain. 

b-and-d-foods-finger-steaksOur claim to fame at that time was ‘finger steaks’, portioned steak pieces that were battered and deep fried to crunchy/juicy perfection. 

It was a great way to get started, as finger steaks remain an Idaho staple that we produce and sell through foodservice distributors throughout the Northwest.

Over the years we’ve expanded the product line to include a variety of other fully cooked frozen meats, and we now work with beef, chicken and pork. 

Much of the product line consists of battered products, but BandD produces a variety of non-battered products as well. 

We enjoy developing specialty products and have expanded the product line to include gluten-free and natural offerings.  


In addition to expanding the product line, we’ve dramatically expanded our technical and production capabilities. 

We completed a 40% plant expansion in 2011. 

We’ve continued to increase the level of technical expertise as we’ve grown. 

And in addition to the required USDA inspection that we are subject to each day, we’ve undergone optional third party audits to achieve SQF Level 2 status and Gluten Intolerance Group certification.

BandD’s production and quality control personnel will jointly assure that we deliver the quality that we’ve promised.

Responsiveness and flexibility are two of BandD’s hallmarks. 

We’ve worked with customers large and small in developing new products to serve specialty markets and provide unique product attributes.

BandD sells through industrial, foodservice and retail channels, so we’re familiar with the unique requirements and challenges in each of these segments.  

We hope that you’ll give us a chance to exceed your expectations.