• East Meets West

    As an entrée or ingredient, the golden coating of our Royal Tempura Chicken or Pork blends easily with your signature sauces and recipes to create meals with an Asian flair.

    Royal Tempura Chicken or Pork boasts only select whole muscle meat and a crispy tempura batter.

  • Marinated to Perfection

    We carefully marinate our lean beef and fully cook it with a tasty, battered coating to give you a light and crispy bite every time. Zero trans fats, no MSG, plus lower in fat than burgers, our beef products are designed to delight.

    Enjoy their heat and eat convenience, our Steak Strips line is simple to serve with any dipping sauce you can think of.

  • Quick & Easy Meal Kits

    Served as a buffet item or an entrée, our chef-inspired Royal Tempura Meal Kits offer convenience and exceptional quality your customers will love.

  • Bye Bye Gluten

    Delicious with or without sauce, our gluten-free whole muscle battered chicken or pork adds new options to your menu.

    Toss with a sauce or serve with a salad or vegetable, our Royal Gluten-Free chicken or pork contain no gluten (found in wheat, barely, or rye) but does boast delicious wholesome flavor.

Endless Meal Possibilities

New production facility in Americus, Georgia

B and D Foods is preparing to open a new production facility in Americus, Georgia to keep up with growing customer demand on the East Coast. This will be the first location for B and D Foods outside of Idaho, where it was founded more than 30 years ago. The new B and D Foods location is expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2021 and initially bring at least 100 well-paying jobs to the community.

Virtual REcipe Book

The products used in this book are our most popular and well-loved items. 

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